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Are you strongly driven, business-oriented and focused on the highest quality work? Join our team to bring real changes and improvements to our clients’ businesses from all around the world!

What Our Team Says About EPINOVUS?

“The management team is very supportive and always willing to listen to suggestions and new ideas. They provide opportunities for professional development and encourage employees to take leadership roles.”

Aniqa Iqbal

Project Manager

“Epinovus has supportive management, skilled and motivated team, focus on quality and customer satisfaction, efficient processes, values work-life balance, and a great place to build a career.”

Saif Ur Rehman

Software Engineer

“Epinovus is fast-growing e-commerce company with caring leaders, welcoming creativity, great culture, authentic team, effective training, and helpful managers.”

Muhammad Ibrar

Key Account Manager

“Epinovus by Alchemative is a positive and inspiring company with opportunities for growth, friendly and supportive environment, helpful colleagues and supportive management team.”

Shafiullah Khan

Software Engineer

“Epinovus has a clear vision and mission, supportive management, and a skilled and motivated team. It values quality and customer satisfaction and has efficient processes and systems in place for timely project delivery and also the company values work-life balance.”

Shoaib Ijaz

Project Manager

“I am really happy to be the part of Epinovus. Our team and all the members of the company is so kind, cooperative and supportive! Fortunate to have the company like this to work!”

Ali Raza

Assistant Marketing Manager

“I am happy to be the part of Epinovus by Alchemative. Staff and our team is really cooperative specially director and CEO are really nice.”

Fazila Azam

Key Account Manager

“The management and staff at the company are very supportive, encouraging, and empowering. Its culture is positive, with no politics and it focuss on teamwork and personal growth. I feel comfortable and considers the company to be a second home.”

Hasnsain Arif

Key Account Manager

“At Epinovus, employees are given the resources and support they need to excel, both professionally and personally. The company culture is one that prioritizes growth and development, making it an ideal place to build a career.”

Sharoon Palous

Key Account Manager

“Epinovus has been important for professional development and shaping my personality, leading to a fulfilling career in HR. My passion for interacting with people and valuable guidance from superiors and mentors have helped in realising potential and addressing inadequacies.”

Khawahish Fatima

Human Resource

Our recruitment process is centered around you.

We created this process to always keep you up to date. While it may vary for different positions, here’s all the main stages:

Send us your CV

Please ensure to include any relevant links to your portfolio or previously completed projects in your submission.

Complete the recruitment task

Occasionally, an additional evaluation of your skills may be required. In such cases, a recruitment task will be sent to you. The deadline for completion can be mutually agreed upon.

Have a quick call with our team

During this call, our team will inquire about your experience and expertise by posing various queries.

Get feedback and our decision

Regardless of the outcome, you will always be informed of our feedback and the reasoning behind our decision. There will be no ambiguity

Learn more about our team’s values

Collective efforts yield remarkable outcomes

Our team-centric approach is deeply ingrained in our organizational culture, and it shapes everything we do. We believe that happy and fulfilled team members are essential to the success of our business, and we are committed to fostering a culture that prioritizes the well-being and growth of our team.

Everything we do centres around team

At Epinovus, we recognize the significance of fostering personal and professional development. We endeavor to provide our team members with a diverse range of opportunities for skill acquisition, challenge-taking and self-direction in their careers. It is our belief that investing in our team members is a vital component in the progression of our organization.

Extra Benefits

Learn about all the additional perks Epinovus offers to its team.

Flexible hours

When working at Epinovus you don’t have to be available 9-to-5. As long as you make it to daily standups you can work at any time during the day or night.

Choose your software and equipment

Our employees are granted complete autonomy in the selection of software and equipment, simply communicate your needs to us.

Internal initiatives

Our employees are granted complete autonomy in the selection of software and equipment, simply communicate your needs to us.

Fast-paced career path

Our employees have complete freedom when it comes to choosing which software and equipment they want to use. Just let us know what you need.